What SAS has to do to clean up its act

The Nordic capitals, as always, rank high in the annual livability listing. Copenhagen, Helsinki, Stockholm and Oslo all fit the bill of a manageable size and a seamless infrastructural travel experience.

While we adore the lovely little Kastrup extension to the Copenhagen’s driver-less Metro, we feel that the seamlessness for Scandinavia starts and ends just there. As soon as we embark on the A319s of Scandinavian Airlines it all starts going downhill. We felt it was our responsibility to give them a few additional pointers, since our last comment regarding inflight glassware remains unaddressed.

There are three main flaws with Scandinavian Airlines today:

1. Headwear
As we got settled in at 2A on a transatlantic trip the other day, we were surprised to see a woman in sportswear distributing drinks. Clearly she had gotten lost from economy, and was looking for the rest of her baseball team. Learn from our surprise when we realised that her attire seemed to be considered apt for cabin purposes, and that she was part of the crew. We suggest CEO Mats Jansson takes a swift visit to Doha to learn more about appropriate inflight headwear in order to avoid more millinery confusion.

2. Route Map
Getting in and out of Scandinavia long haul is anything but a pleasurable experience, mainly due to a lacking route map with ample nonstop flights. Is it really reasonable that there are no nonstop options to places like Abu Dhabi, Vancouver, Bern or Bilbao? We think not.

3. Beverages
Continuing on the thread above – the strange woman in the cap offered us 2002 Henriot champagne that had apparently was the result of “developing close relationship” with the winery. Euphemisms will never excuse inferior bubbly. A simple Krug would suffice. After all, what are we – farmers?



4 Responses to “What SAS has to do to clean up its act”

  1. Gravatar of Mark Mark
    24. June 2010 at 09:49

    This is good stuff. Arguably better than the original!

  2. Gravatar of Joe Clark Joe Clark
    24. June 2010 at 17:08

    You should clean up your own act by fixing the incorrect “its” in the title.

  3. Gravatar of Jonas Jonas
    28. June 2010 at 08:24

    Oh hai! Thanks for being a reader that values quality. Drinks are on us next time we meet at the Feather Boa in Hong Kong.

  4. Gravatar of bjornjeffery bjornjeffery
    2. July 2010 at 11:05