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Summer Getaways: Schloß Hubertushöhe

happy nightmares

It’s heating up in London, and you may be wondering where your assistant should book you in next weekend. Look no further friends, for we have put together an itinerary for you this summer.

Starting off, we’ve just come back from a charming little stay just south of Berlin where our new-found friends at Schloß Hubertushöhe took lovely care of us. Assuming a quick stop at Deutsche Bank at Unter den Linden in Mitte first, the easiest way to get to Hubertushöhe is getting their driver to pick you up. A neat black little Porsche Panamera in our case – most delightful. The driver is a bit short on English, but Lingua Franca and a sturdy German GPS will get you there. With just a drop of Stau you’ll be there within the hour. If that doesn’t take your fancy, they have a great Wasserlandeplatz too.

The castle itself is a marvel of German ostentation. Enormous towers, and a terrace looking over Großer Storkower See. We recommend taking a seat on the latter and enjoying the Dorade with a glass of Grüner Veltliner. But don’t loiter too long – the Marina is waiting. All in all, a perfect little getaway when the Med is becoming a chore.