For the not-so-premium voyageur

Air France

The struggling French carrier Air France have just introduced a new “premium voyageur” seating class:

With Premium Voyageur, you will enjoy:

– 40% additional space: on average, 22 Premium Voyageur seats will be available over an area which before held 40 Economy class seats; this translates to very generous legroom.
– A completely new seat: equipped with a fixed shell which guarantees passengers’ space and privacy. You will also enjoy an extra large tray table and a leg rest.
– A wide individual video screen: enjoy hours of video on demand.
– Amenities from the Affaires (Business Class) cabin: travel kit, noise-reducing headphones, a feather pillow, pure new wool blanket.

Seat and amenity innovation is an area that is often overseen by airlines (not to mention international award shows). This should therefore be encouraged. In theory. But where is the innovation in taking the amenities from Affaires and adding seats with less space than in the front?

There’s a perfectly good place to sit in aeroplanes, and that means turning left when boarding. We see no point in wasting space with an upgraded cattle section.



4 Responses to “For the not-so-premium voyageur”

  1. Gravatar of J-dog J-dog
    22. September 2009 at 13:52

    Personally, I like to fart when passing through business class on my way to the cattle section.

  2. Gravatar of jonascarlsson jonascarlsson
    22. September 2009 at 14:47

    Was that you? We'll send Adrian after you!

  3. Gravatar of PL PL
    23. November 2009 at 23:17

    Hence you have a photograph of the Affairs rather than Premium Voyageur seat!

  4. Gravatar of Keltic Keltic
    18. April 2010 at 10:15

    No it´s not a waste of space, as it´s not an upgrade of the cattle class but a concept designed specifically. New seats, huge amounts of space, afforadable prices. For all those who wants more confort, with an extra amount of money and can´t affoard Business. It´s a fantastic idea.