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Private aviation: HondaJet


As the second of our two high notes from last years aviation tradeshow, EBACE, comes HondaJet (HA-420). This is an aircraft with exquisite finish and a manga inspired design, clearly representing the attention to detail that always defines Japanese products. After almost 10 years of preparation it made an astonishing debut a year earlier (with over 100 orders placed in the first three days) and was certainly in the spotlight at last years fair.

Michimasa Fujino, the CEO of Honda Aircraft makes a slightly confused impression but manage to find a few key pieces that could sell the HondaJet to just the right customers:

We’re always looking for the next innovation within transportation and mobility. Coming from motorcycles it’s natural for us to go into the air. European countries are also best fit for this kind of aircraft, since Europeans are more environmentally conscious. This is a low noise, low emission and high fuel efficiency aircraft which should be attractive for european customers.

Mr Brûlé explains why we are seeing an emergence of a stronger and larger private aviation market:

As the premium airline experience becomes less attractive and more aircrafts come to market around the one million euro price range the worlds biggest carriers will continue to lose their top passengers as they opt to go private.

Will HondaJet be their first choice? It’s definitely an option to seriously consider when your searching for a fast and easy transportation to get to your favourite cottage in the alps or a weekend at The Pellicano Hotel in Tuscany.

Private aviation: Pilatus PC-12


As we are packing our Porter bags for one of the highlights of this season, the annual aviation tradeshow EBACE in Geneva, it seems appropriate to take a closer look on the private aviation market. We will be looking into two of the high notes from last year’s show. First out is Pilatus Aircraft’s PC-12.

The PC-12 might be associated with the rough image of Australias flying doctors but this latest model, with a cockpit interior designed with the tasteful qualities of BMW and a price mark just shy of three million euros is described perfectly by Tyler:

The PC-12 is to private aviation what the Range Rover is to manicured graveled highways in the Hamptons – luxurious but with the butch credentials of an aircraft used by the RCMP and the Australian flying doctors.

If that wasn’t enough of an argument. Listen to the 100th buyer of a PC-12:

I thought I needed the speed of a jet. But flying the PC-12 down to our home in Florida, with 5 or 6 of our friends, we would all have more room, we’d spend a lot less money getting there, and we’d arrive only minutes later than the jet. That’s because the jet has to stop for fuel, and we don’t, since the PC-12 delivers far more range.

This surely makes the PC-12 a strong contender for our next aviation purchase.