Dispatching an intern

TGV Gare de l’Est

Imagine this scenario: you’re in transit between Basel and Paris, en route to Tokyo (Haneda, of course). You realise that you’ve left your wallet at the hotel. The concierge phoned the limo service but it was too late – you were already stretching out in the Business Premier Class of the TGV. I think we can all relate to the situation. But how would you solve it? Tyler presents his solution in the FT:

The plan involved having our Swiss colleague take the wallet to Zurich where he would be met by our new intern Jonathan, who was dispatched from London to deliver the wallet to Paris. While some very high winds almost delayed his flight’s approach to Zurich, Jonathan eventually made it to the small cocktail party we were hosting on Rue Royale with enough time to knock back a glass of champagne before we had to leave.

I’m kicking myself because I didn’t think of that.

Is Tyler Brûlé for real?

Tyler Brûlé

We can find no better way of starting this publication than by quoting a letter to the Financial Times:

Sir, As a previous correspondent once asked, Is Tyler Brûlé for real? He is editor-in-chief of Monocle, a publication so exclusive I have never seen it advertised, nor on sale.

He seems to spend most of his time flying long distances on business (and in business class) or on holiday, presumably performing many of his editorial duties en route.

He is based in London, but at the same time he also owns an island (complete with house and jetty) in Sweden for summer use and a flat in St Moritz for winters, yet is now looking for further accommodation in the Mediterranean area to enable him to enjoy “true winter sun” (“Great escapes in mind”, House & Home, January 3/4).

Apart from the last, it sounds an enviable lifestyle. How does Tyler Brûlé do it?

Ian Fletcher,
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

A valid question, Mr Fletcher. Is Tyler Brûlé for real? And if so, how does he do it?

It’s questions like these that we will attempt to answer in this publication. See it as a guide – a tribute. And a laugh.