Priorities, please

My Gay Pimp

The other day, we wrote about the horrific symptom SAS (saggy ass syndrome). We suggested that the WHO put it on some sort of suitable list for immediate attention. In these days of pandemics, it seems the world as gotten the wrong focus yet again. Our friend Tyler Brûlé reminds us of yet another issue for this United Nations outlet:

If the World Health Organisation has taught us over the past two weeks that there are six stages to a pandemic, then the purple pandemic that is sweeping Britain has surely now reached stage seven. Purple, in all its hideous shades, is now so widespread as an accent, highlight and dominating colour that there is a very real danger that the next time you pick up this newspaper it will be sickly shade of violet. Can you imagine? Would you read a purple-paged newspaper? What would it say about you? What would it say about the newspaper?

WHO – get your priorities straight. How long must we endure the colour purple?