Quote from the Weekly

Two huge cappuccinos

From the excellent 23rd edition of the Monocle Weekly:

You might have caught the headlines earlier in the week that had McDonalds announcing their plans of thumping Starbucks in the coffee retail wars in Europe by bringing its cookie cutter concept and two huge cappuccinos to high streets from Manchester to Munich. Indeed if ever it was a moment of a bit of culture and trade protectionism it’s now, or is it? Earlier this week another upstart arrived on European shores in the forms of South African born Vida e caffè. Originally launched in Cape Town Vida e caffè plays up a bit of a portuguese story and does so with a sunny southern hemisphere disposition. With…reasonably big ambitions for Europe is the concept just another Starbucks in giraffes clothing?.

What people want: I

I don’t care if it’s a man or a woman reader, sometimes people just want to see a picture of a warship or a handsome-looking helicopter.

Tyler Brûlé, Guardian, 2007

Complete and utter lack of bikeability

Monocle LA Shop opening

Monocle just opened a small boutique in Brentwood, Los Angeles. To settle the locals´ curiosity, our man decided to do an interview for LAist.com. Although being completely honest and fair in his answers (24 hours is perfectly sufficient for any possible needs in the city), the readers have little understanding of the critique. One reader even goes as far as calling Tyler a “d-bag”, and we assume that he isn’t referring to an upcoming line from Porter.

It is simple. As stated in the interview, what Los Angeles needs is a substantial increase in bikeability. Nothing to get too distressed about.