Better people: Alain de Botton

There is one person that we love to turn to in order to find essential insights on life and society in general, that is of course the best-selling author Alain de Botton. Mr. de Botton has for a long time been a prominent figure in the family around Tyler. Because of that and his impeccable… Continue reading Better people: Alain de Botton

Improvable cities: Toronto

Complacency. Such a disappointing diagnosis for a city. Tyler Brûlé´s ex-home town Toronto suffers from this badly, and we thought we should go through a few pointers on how to improve this sub-par Canadian city. Ultimately, the responsibility for all urban development is the mayor´s. And as Mayor David Miller of Toronto refuses to incorporate… Continue reading Improvable cities: Toronto

Introducing: Brûlé Airways

At a conference panel in Münich earlier this year the panelists including Meister Brûlé recieved the question ”If you would start a new venture, what would it be?” We will spare you the ideas from the other Hobo-Joes on the panel. TB’s answer? Starting a new European airline company. We immediately felt compelled to pick… Continue reading Introducing: Brûlé Airways