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Dresscode during Nuclear week

After a week that best could be describe as Nuclear week. When North Korea decided to test nuclear warheads worth more than their annual GDP. This hostile activity has also contributed to a number of posts in newspapers everywhere on the disturbed mind of Kim-Jong II. Monocle, naturally, sensed what was coming. Hence they featured… Continue reading Dresscode during Nuclear week

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The Economist works in Economy?

We just noticed the business travel blog Gulliver over at Economist.com. The Economist, as you know, is a magazine that best could be described as Monocle minus Wallpaper*. Still, it seems to be worth reading occasionally. However, this article regarding whether or not one can should travel business class worries us slightly: The simple answer… Continue reading The Economist works in Economy?

How to travel

“Never check your luggage; 99 per cent of the time I don’t check in bags regardless of how long I’m travelling for.” “I sleep as much as possible when I travel.” “If it’s a long-haul, 80 per cent of the time I go for a run or do something active once I land.” “I try… Continue reading How to travel

Brûlé Airways – The terminal

To start off this installment it seemed fitting to follow the process that every traveller normally goes through, from departure to landing. Hence, starting off with an attack on the so often sub-par standards of terminals worldwide. We often shrugg when touching down in the spectacle that is Heathrow Airport in London or departing from… Continue reading Brûlé Airways – The terminal

How we greet

Sweden: Hur är läget? USA: How are you doing? Monocle Weekly: – Where are you fresh from?

A bankable opportunity

I think it’s a wonderful time (to be more enterprising). Rents are cheap. If you’ve always wanted to run a bakery for dogs, people are still spending a lot of money on their pets. This is a great moment to go and do what you’ve always wanted to do. Tyler Brûlé, The Australian, 2009